What should I bring



2. Medication and medical information about your conditions, specialist reports, results


3. Glasses or contact lenses if needed

Must I bring a parent or guardian if I am age 17 or under.

Yes, if you are age 17 or under, your parent or guardian will need to sign the declaration for you

Must I bring the original passport

Yes, we need the original passport to create your file in the eMedical system

Medical documents

Bring medication list, or the medicines that you are taking. Bring medical information about your condition, specialist reports, results. Bring glasses or contact lens if you use them

INZ1007 medical exam form

You do not need to download and fill it and bring it. We will do this online. 


If you have a complex medical history, you can download and write your answers in advance. But this is not necessary

Passport photo

Are not required to be brought in by you. We will take a passport photo here at the time of your appointment

Menstrual period

Best to book the medical exam after the periods are over. This is because urine test is done for blood. 

If you need just a chest xray and no medical exam, you do not have to wait for period to be over.

Which type of immigration medical do I need

If INZ has issued you an HR number, we can check which type of immigration medical is required. 

General guideline is that Immigration chest Xrays are valid for 3 yrs and not repeated before that. 

Visa type

We will ask you about which visa you will be applying for. eg worker with job offer, worker without job offer, residence - family, student visa. 


We will also need to know if you intend to stay in NZ for 6-12 months or 12 -24 months or more than 24 months.

Is Selwyn House Medical Centre a one-stop shop

Selwyn House Medical Centre will act like a one stop service. X-ray and Labtests are next door and are accredited 3rd party providers.

You will not have to book a separate appointment or make a separate payment there.

This is the most common configuration of a one stop service in primary health care in NZ.

Should I come fasting or can I eat and drink

Dont fast. Eat normally and drink some fluids before you come as you will need to do a urine test for a general immigration medical. 

Will you send the reports to immigration directly

Yes, we will submit your healthcase directly to immigration. At the same time, we will email you a copy of what we submit. This is for your records. 

What happens during the visit

We complete the eMedical with you.


There is a declaration for you to sign, payments, photo, health measurements - vision, blood pressure, height, weight, your health history,  physical check by doctor, urine test, blood test and Xray if required.

How long will it take

About 1 hour.

mmigration medicals take 20 mins for paperwork and doctor exam, 20 mins at the lab and 20 mins for Xray.  Add another 10-20 mins waiting times. This is an indicative time frame .

Sometimes it takes less time and sometimes longer.


When will I be charged extra

Additional tests are prescribed by immigration NZ, where there are medical conditions. 


We take great care in keeping your costs to a minimum and will not advise un-necessary tests.

After the visit

Can you please hold my case. Can you please not submit my case. One of my test is abnormal and I want to do something about it

We can either 

  1. finalise complete and submit or
  2. finalise incomplete and submit


We cannot hold your case.

Further, we cannot withhold information.


In most cases, it is best to submit.


If we do not receive any communication from you, we will finalise incomplete and submit.

Can you hold my case. I want to repeat my abnormal test

Sure. You can repeat the test. Additional charges will apply. We will hold your case  for 2 wks at the most.

With some tests, it is a part of the protocol to repeat.


Will I get a copy of the results. When ?

We aim to submit all cases to immigration within 2-5 days. We send a copy of our results to you at the time of submission.


If you did not get a copy, please send us an email and we can email back a copy of the results

Please add the following information to my medical case

The Govt software does not allow us to edit or change or re-submit any immigration cases. 


We can upload additional information to your case, where immigration has requested it. There is a fee payable for this.

What does the standard fee cover

STANDARD FEE advertised cover opening you case in the eMedical system and getting your NZER number, taking photos, completing your details, Standard blood tests and one dipstix urine test and Chest Xray where added.


It includes completing your medical history and exam.


What if I need to change or cancel my appointment. Or have a question that is not covered here.

Please use the change / cancel button in the confirmation of appointment email 


For any queries, please email selwynmedical@gmail.com